The BIOMICS (Biological and Mathematical Basis of Interaction Computing) project was inspired by the observation that cell metabolic/regulatory systems are able to self-organise and/or construct order dynamically, through random interactions between their components and based on a wide range of possible inputs.

We are undertaking research into whether this behaviour can be reproduced in a controllable way through interacting finite-state automata. If so this will lead to a radically new model of “bottom-up computation” with equal applicability to computer science and systems biology that we call Interaction Computing (IC). [Read more ...]


ICEF Software Release, August 2016

The Interaction Computing Execution Framework ICEF is now available at github. For developers of ICEF specification, we also provide an apiary documentation. To get an idea how to use ICEF and the ASIM features, we also recommend our small tutorial and the sample specifications. In case of any issues, please file an issue at github. Our developers will take care of it as soon as possible.

Press Release, May 2016

Living Cells Show Scientists How to Compute with Symmetry and Interaction, rather than Bits and Logic


Blog article on The Conversation, May 2016

How the hidden mathematics of living cells could help us decipher the brain


Year-3 Newsletter

3rd international BIOMICS Workshop, February 8th-10th, 2016


Year-2 Newsletter, Poster and Brochure

TRUCE Summer School

UCNC 2014 Conference

 Second BIOMICS Summer Workshop