This framework enables asynchronous execution of ASMs. It uses and enhances the CoreASM execution engine to support communicating and interaction ASMs: ASIMs. Further, ICEF replaces ASM with BSL which offers additional language primitives specifically designed to define the behaviour of biochemical systems.

  • The Software is available for download at github.
  • Installation Instructions and instruction how to setup and run specifications on ICEF are available here.
  • Please also check a small tutorial that introduces the various new features of ICEF and ASIMs.
  • For more details on syntax, semantics and implementation of ASIMs and ICEF, we also refer to Deliverable D5.2.
  • The REST API allows to control the BIOMICS wrapper (brapper) which can host several ASIM instances and enables networked ASIM instances by implementing a restful API to the outside. This API is also used by the manager which orchestrates several ASIMs to allow the execution of interaction computing simulations.
    Both APIs are documented at and target developers that want to use ICEF to build new software.
  • Finally, we also want to highlight the information about the CoreASM framework which is the basis for our work.