Some Information about our site

This site is currently using Google Analytics to track information from our visitors (you). Google Analytics uses Cookies to store some information regarding your visit. For more information see How Google uses cookies

What does Google Analytics record?
  • How did you get here ( from which page did you follow the link that brought you here )
  • Your IP address
  • How long do you stay in the pages hosted by our domain (
  • From which country are you connecting to our site
  • Which kind of web browser are you using
  • Among other things...
  • For more information please check:
Which data will not be collected?

We are not interested in identifying our visitors individually. Also, according to Google Analytics' privacy statement the tracking information will not include email adresses, names or payment information ( for more information please see the 'confidentiality of data' in the Google Analytics Privacy Policy ).

Why do we want to collect data?

We want to identify the number of people interested in our site, and identify which topics seem to be more interesting for our visitors. 

Which information are we allowing google to share?

When using analytics, the owner of the website can grant some permissions to Google Analytics to share the collected information with other applications or with third parties. We have disabled the possibility to share your data with other Google products, and we have also disabled the option to share your data with third parties. For more information please check  Data sharing options from google Analytics

What about opting out?

You can use Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on, or you could set up your browser to notify you when a new cookie is being stored in your browser.